Constance Everett Ware Student Assistance Fund

Established in 1989. Bequest from Constance E. Ware of West Hartford, CT and memorial gifts from her family, friends, and colleagues; increased by a bequest from her husband, Richard H. Ware, in 1994. Income is used at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid (in consultation with the Chairs of the Fine Arts and History Departments, or any other Department Chairs when appropriate) to provide financial aid students with the funds necessary to meet unusual needs or take advantage of special opportunities that do not fall within the normal financial aid package, such as study abroad or special research projects. Preference for awards will be given to students in the Departments of Fine Arts and History. At the time of her death, Mrs. Ware was Vice President for Development and had been employed by the College for 25 years. Support from this scholarship usually funds Trinity Grant aid.

Recipients of the Constance Everett Ware Scholarship are asked to write letters of gratitude to Mr. Philip Ware and Mr. Stephen E. Ware.